Author: Max Twin

Max Twin is currently a reporter for The US Voice based in United States. Prior to joining The US Voice in August 2022, he was a entertainment & News Reporter. Max studied journalism at Washington and Lee University, graduating in 2018.

How Many Wheels are in the World

The automobile industry is growing daily and adding new and existing features to vehicles. Including all of those wheels is the most essential part of any vehicle. Did you notice how many wheels are there in the world? In this blog, we are going to share some facts and figures about wheels that you will…

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Man Who Became Millionaire Due to Bank Error

You’ve heard about so many millionaires who do hard work to achieve their goals and become millionaires. But in this blog, we are going to share about a man who became millionaire due to bank error without doing anything. Want to know how? Scroll down and get to know about Bank Error millionaire. A 35-year-old…

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