Despite the fact that you probably send texts through a mobile device, nothing says that you have to do that. An online texting service can help you to send messages through whatever type of hardware you use to as many clients as possible. This makes it possible to simultaneously send mass messages to many potential consumers.

How Can Mass Texting Reduce Costs?

Consider the various ways that you currently reach clients. Some firms are still stuck on legacy methods, such as direct mailing, while others do everything they can to reach a wide variety of clients on social media. Text broadcasting through an online system can help you reduce costs by bypassing these methods. Simple message service texts are usually relatively short, so you won’t have to worry about hiring a writing staff to produce them the way you might with a social media marketing campaign.

Using an app that lets you take care of SMS messaging online is an excellent way to keep your clients abreast of any sudden changes that might happen. You could send out promotions or shipping updates at any hour of the day. That’s great news for eCommerce businesses that might need help staying in touch with all their customers. Doing this through regular phone calls would cost a fortune.

Standard messaging rates apply if any customers reply to you, so you won’t have to incur any of the costs associated with managing a toll-free number. Most of your customers won’t have to pay for texts or at least have far more message blocks than they could ever use. That means they probably wouldn’t even notice if you cut costs in this way.

Online Text Messaging Enables Automation

Customer relationship management can become increasingly complicated for firms with vast numbers of prospects. Small businesses can’t possibly keep up with this kind of influx. Using a solid online SMS package, business owners can automate tedious CRM workflows and send messages whenever certain conditions are met. Custom promotions can get sent out to deserving customers whenever necessary.

Depending on the exact type of business a firm is involved with, it makes sense to send out timed messages. These could go off at regular intervals and even replace the standard type of newsletter content that many businesses transmit via email. For example, an average consumer’s inbox has more than 1,600 unopened emails, so texting is a far more cost-effective way to get a message about a business.

Most importantly, companies can manage online SMS technology entirely in-house without the need for outside computer professionals.

Managing SMS Campaigns without Assistance

Online messaging platforms are based on the same web technologies that all other browser extensions use. That means they can be accessed from any Internet-connected device regardless of physical location. Organisations that have previously had to hire expensive technical teams that manage campaigns won’t have to do so if they invest in this kind of software.

Assuming that someone can author regular SMS texts, they can manage their text marketing campaign. Business owners can call up their customer details with just a few clicks using built-in address books. However, power users who prefer to use keystrokes should find that any of the shortcuts built into their browsers still work as expected.

Integration with mobile applications is normally provided for those who want to be certain that they’ll never be without an immediate connection to every sales lead they have on file. If many texts come in simultaneously, they could reply to these from a computer workstation later. However, adding a full-sized keyboard should make writing far easier than the onscreen version found in most phone apps.

Though it may take a while to migrate to a new service, online SMS texting is a big game-changer for small businesses looking to expand their marketing presence. Large enterprise-level operations will find it has much to offer them too.

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