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Health is a brand for products that improve the health and well – being of individuals, families and lives. It encompasses every aspect of wellness and life; physical, mental and spiritual. From patented technologies to award winning formulations, Health offers high quality product solutions to help people live happier, healthier lives.

What is Medical Law? – All You Need to Know About Better Medical Law – (2023 Updated)

Medical law is one of the branches of law that focuses on legally-based rights and obligations of both patients and medical professionals. It could cover a vast array of subjects. However, it is believed to have three major branches: privacy, criminal law, and the law of negligence.  The rules for these three branches form the basis for…

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How to Increase Dopamine ADHD?

Perhaps you’re looking to aid the child’s ADHD symptoms, but you are worried about the negative side effects that can be triggered by stimulant medication. On another hand, perhaps you or your kid takes medications. Dopamine increases naturally are an excellent method to increase the effectiveness of ADHD medication. You’ve heard that ADHD medication affects…

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Workplace Accommodations for Autistic Employees

As someone on the autism spectrum, I am often asked what accommodations need to be made in the workplace for people like me. While every autistic person is different and has different needs, some accommodations are commonly requested. In this blog post, I will share some of the most common workplace accommodations for autistic employees…

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