Perhaps you’re looking to aid the child’s ADHD symptoms, but you are worried about the negative side effects that can be triggered by stimulant medication.

On another hand, perhaps you or your kid takes medications. Dopamine increases naturally are an excellent method to increase the effectiveness of ADHD medication.

You’ve heard that ADHD medication affects the nervous system central to the body, by increasing the amount of dopamine in specific areas within the brain.

It is well-known that certain dopamine-related genes are associated with an increased risk of ADHD among families with children.

What Exactly is ADHD?

Hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder (ADHD), also popularly referred to as ADHD is a neurological disorder. Although it is most commonly seen in teens and children, ADHD can persist into adulthood.

The symptoms of ADHD are hyperactivity and inattention, impulsivity, issues with social interaction as well as poor performance in school.

The frequency of ADHD in the world is thought at between 3 to 5% in young and adolescents (2). ADHD is among the most prevalent psychiatric disorders that children suffer from.

How To Boost Dopamine Levels Without Taking Medication?

Always consult your physician before making any changes to your lifestyle. As we’ve seen, going too high on dopamine could be “too much of a good thing”. However, if you think your dopamine levels need some boost there are 5 ways to improve your dopamine levels and boost your dopamine levels naturally.

Get Moving

Exercise has a profound effect on a range of hormones and neurotransmitters. Indeed, aerobic exercise (the type that stimulates your heart) has been found to boost dopamine levels. 7

Don’t be concerned if you’re not an athlete and neither am I. The best type of movement is one you desire to engage in. Consider what exercise you’d like to do that raises the heart rate for approximately 30 minutes. Perhaps a dance class is more appealing to you or a jump rope or even playing an organized sport with your buddies.

Play Some Music to Improve Your Mood

One study showed an effect of listening to music, which induces “chills” (peak emotional arousal) results in the release of dopamine. 8 It’s a good idea to pair it with the second strategy (exercise) you’ll be getting closer to increasing the levels of dopamine.

Make Sure You Are Taking Your Time To Relax And Rest Time

If you’re in a state of exhaustion your levels of dopamine will also be affected. Likely, you don’t need a second reason to take treatment of yourself and your energy reserves. However, to be safe, I’ve collected some of them here.

Sleep Well and Get A Good Night’s Rest

Sleep deprivation is known to decrease dopamine receptors and result in less wakefulness. 

I was aware that massages were a wonderful reward to give on Mother’s Day. More exciting is the fact that massage is an important way to get proprioceptive stimulation for the body and brain. However, who would have known that a massage can lead to an increase in serotonin and dopamine?!

You can now! Yes! That’s right.

It is a stress-related hormone. Cortical levels drop and feel-good chemicals serotonin and dopamine are increased with massage therapy!

Go and See the Sun

Oh, Friend.

If you’ve ever been outside in the sunshine on a gorgeous day, you’ll know that there’s power in the sunshine! Dopamine deficiency symptoms include mental health issues like major depressive disorder as well as SAD. 

Furthermore, we know that vitamin D regulates neurotransmitters, such as dopamine. Are you looking to increase the levels of dopamine in your brain?

Visit the sun and take a trip outside. Make it a top priority and add it to your To-Do list. A very thrilling activity for the ADHD Coach brain involves the process of making. Recently, I’ve noticed an increase in dopamine levels when doing research or writing, or making videos.

Plan a Vacation

Researchers have discovered that dopamine’s effects aren’t solely about satisfaction, but rather anticipation before the reward. Enjoy creating your next holiday or a thrilling weekend getaway. Even if there’s no need to plan an excursion, you should think of something that you are excited about.

Take a Cup of Coffee

Based on studies, consuming caffeine the psychoactive chemical present in coffee boosts the number of dopamine receptors inside the brain. This increases mental alertness and cognitive ability.

There’s a reason for the coffee craze.


It’s not an unwelcome surprising fact that mindfulness practices and meditation can aid in the regulation of emotions However, did you consider that regular meditation could increase dopamine levels? 10

Eat Protein-Rich Foods

Foods rich in protein, especially those that are high in tyrosine as well as its precursor phenylalanine may enhance your health in myriad different ways.

  • Beans
  • Soy products
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Peanut butter
  • Dairy
  • Seeds

Limit Your Intake Of Processed And Sugary Foods

Sweets and fried food can give you a Dopamine rush for a short time however, it’s typically then followed by a crash, in which dopamine levels fall less than prior. Similar to the tolerance effects of alcohol and recreational drugs, dopamine levels are increased. levels can increase dopamine sensitivity.

Frequently Ask Questions

Is ADHD Just A Dopamine Deficiency?

If your child is suffering from ADHD They may be suffering from low levels of a brain chemical known as dopamine. This is a result of their genes, their environment, and brain function which experts believe can be the cause of ADHD.

What is the Cause of Low Dopamine Levels in Adhd?

People suffering from ADHD suffer from at the very least one gene that is defective that is Indeed, the DRD 2 Gene. This gene hinders neurons from reacting to dopamine, the neurotransmitter involved in pleasure sensations and the control of attention.

Alongside an appropriate diet, a variety of potential supplements can help increase dopamine levels. This includes probiotics and fish oils magnesium, vitamin D, Ginseng, and ginkgo. This can, in turn, assist in improving the brain’s function and mental well-being.

What Does Low Dopamine Feel Like?

Social withdrawal, diminished feelings, and a lack of satisfaction (negative indicators that are a sign of schizophrenia). Gastrointestinal symptoms include chronic constipation.

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