You’ve heard about so many millionaires who do hard work to achieve their goals and become millionaires. But in this blog, we are going to share about a man who became millionaire due to bank error without doing anything.

Want to know how? Scroll down and get to know about Bank Error millionaire.

A 35-year-old car salesman “Roman Yurok” received 95.2 million rubles ($1.3 million) due to a technical digital glitch by the bank.

He received a technical error update of his bank account on his mobile phone in June 2020. Yurok claimed that he received a message of 95.2 million rubles had been withdrawn into his VTB bank account, Mash reported.

To make sure that everything is fine, he made a call to the bank. The bank staff said that “Everything is fine with him there is no issue with his account”

Roman Yurok decided that let’s enjoy this accidental new wealth, and he did 220 separate transactions from the account from 31 May to 1 June 2020.

Prosecutors claimed that he used his money to bought were four apartments, a new iPhone, a BMW, and a Mercedes.

Yukrov said that “ I bought everything that I wanted to buy in life except a plane” He described his experience as like in the movies to Marsh.

The drama become known when the bank encapsulate its quarterly report in November and seized his bank account, local media reported.

Yukrov said that he was continuously contacted by a bank that is everything fine, but bankers repeatedly said that “Yes everything is fine and no issue has found with your account”

39 million rubles ($540,000) had left when the bank seized his account and the same month Yurkov call by the police to investigate the whole drama and then he was arrested there.

According to the prosecutor “ He has no any intentions to do wrong. Yes, I believe that I did a mistake but I didn’t do anything wrong. It is mishandled by the bank’s bookmaker when I was continuously asked them that is everything fine with my account, they repeatedly said: “Yes there are no issues in that”.

When he presented in the Sovetsky District Court and reveal the whole situation that happened, Article 158 (“Theft from a bank account, committed on an especially large scale”) charged the man. Tusla prosecutors said on June 24.According to Yurok was guilty to take advantage of the bank to become Bank Error Millionaire. After that, he was sentenced to jail in six years prison.

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